@foodkarma always making good quality love. #jcyt2014

13 weeks with my CI. How my hands feel after manual therapy. Had an awesome experience. Can’t have ups with the downs and can’t have progress without struggle. But you can have is a positive attitude. 2-man clinic.

School and education will always be an important value to me. Wouldnt have gotten the opportunity to chase my dreams of taking care my family one day and helping people if it werent for the youth, outreach programs and people working in the school systems. Got these school supplies for the kids and the future. Thanks everyone for their donations. These will go to the foster youth of the 831. Let’s Get it. A setback is a setup for a comeback. #blessed

#mcm #maincrushmay lol

Stopped by Davis to see my cousin. Glad to work with him in the future as PTs. I’m #juiced #aggies #publicschoolsrule #degreeskeepyouwarminthewinter #olderbrothers

Biking earlier today and ran into this speed bump trying to cross the road. Tried racing but it beat me home.

On the Fremont Golf Course. First time at a range. Need to go clubbin’ for some 9 irons. Thanks @kevinhnguyen87

Good having brunch today #recap #willorderthatkoreanfushionbreakfastnexttimer

Just waking up in the morning gotta thank god. Had the opportunity to share my experiences and dreams amongst a community that has empowered me. #blessed #sacstate

#blessed it’s been a long day.