#blessed it’s been a long day.

Fun fun fun today. @jacarli #sacstate can you sponsor me with some new balances?

Corned beef hash con huevos. (at Fox & Goose)

Post conference adventure Potato Chip Rock? #paleo #lays #myfavoritechipsarelays #hotcheetosarebetter #takis

Thanks for the hospitality and fun. Topping off a wonderful spring break. @carlahh @geoffrayyy

Phil’s BBQ first timer. Good looking @geoffrayyy. So full.

Lil Kim and sisqo counted for me.

First meal in SD @gmoney831 noms #hungrylens (at Lucha Libre)

Yesterday in Venice post Cafe Gratitude. “what’s one accomplishment you would like to be recognized for?” @jordan1357

Where them bears dwell. 🐨Had to convert my cholesterol to vitamin D. ☀#50shadesofbrown today’s hike was amazing. @alohajason thanks for the megapixels.